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Maillol sculptures from Stuttgart at Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

Photography Kunsthal Rotterdam by Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
(All rights reserved.)

                                     Aristide Maillol's ( 1861- 1944) twenty sculptures are to be exhibited until 10 February 2013 at Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam. His female figures which are interpreted as an important precursor to Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti  are given to the famous artist recognition for renewing the sculpture art in France and  international.
Maillol who was born in Banyulus- sur-Mer, Rousillon was a Catalan (French) sculptor, painter and printmaker. He enrolled in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1885 and through his early paintings was clearly shown the impression of Paul Gauguin influence on his figures.
In 1985 he began to make small terracotta sculptures and the most important interest for his artistic work was the figurative style of female body.
                   La Mediterranee by Aristide Maillol. (Photography by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.Rotterdam. )
                                      Sculpture Aristide Maillol at Kunsthal in Rotterdam.
                                                         Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam.

                                  Aristide Maillol. Photography by Kunsthal Rotterdam. The Netherlands.
The largest collection of Maillol's work is maintained at the Museum Maillol in Paris and the most admired sculptural artwork is the famous La Nuit -Night.

The world famous Maillol's sculpture La Nuit (1909) is temporarily removed from a public square in Stuttgart and was arrived in Rotterdam together with other works by Maillol for a retrospective exhibition at the Kunsthal museum.
His artwork The Bather ( 1899) belong to the permanent collection of the Stadelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

                                      Abstract and figurative means sculpture Maillol.

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Daubigny Monet Van Gogh:Impressions of Landscape at Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.The Netherlands.

Doubignywas influenced by the impressionists and the impressionists influenced first by Doubigny and later on by Van Gogh who proceed to bring the impressionism at the level that uses colours to show the effects of light and to suggest atmosphere rather that showing exact details.
Exhibition'Daubigny Monet Van Gogh:Impressions of Landscape' at 
                             The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam until 29 January 2017presentsCharles Francois Daubigny's(1817-1878)artworks that played an important role in the evolution of 19th-century French landscapeart, influenced Van Gogh ,Monet, Pissaro, Sisley and besides explore the connection between the French artist and the impressionists.
(Text/photography Tzina-Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
All rights reserved).
         Vincent Van Gogh.(1853-1890).
                                 Title:Doubigny's Garden.1890.Oil on canvas.
                                                 Rudolf Staechelin Trust.
     Vincent Van Gogh.

Marc Chagall's Calvary in The Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam

Marc Chagall's masterpiece 'Calvery',1912 is a depiction of his super reality, alogical, and  irrational imagination as Guillaume Apollinaire refer to him as a ' surrealist' and as Andre Breton call also him the 'Pope of Surrealism'.
                       Marc Chagall's Calvary from 20 February to 10 April 2016.
Text/photography (c) Tzina Mersina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.
All rights reserved).
 Marc Chagall (1887-1985).
 Calvary, Paris,1912. Oil on canvas, 174.6x192.4 cm.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York.Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest, 1949. (c) 2016. Digital image. The Museum of Modern Art, New York/Scala, Florence.
(c) C/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2016. Chagall (R) is a registered trademark, owned buy the comite Marc Chagall.

Paul Mosterd, deputy Director of The New Church during the opening of  the presentation of  Marc Chagall's masterpiece Calvary.

Gijs van Tuyl, curator of the exhibition Marc Chagall's masterpiece Calvary during the press…

Frans' Post 34 unknown drawings at The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

Spectacular discovery of 17th century Golden Age the drawings by Frans Post(1612-1680) which are on display at The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam from 7 October 2016 to 8 January.
Under the title 'Frans Post.Animals in Brazil' the exhibition present 34 unrecognized for centuries artworks by Frans Post from Haarlem-The Netherlands-which were discovered in the Noord-Holland Archief, Haarlem,created by Frans Post in the years 1637-1644 when he worked in Brazil.
The first European artist who painted landscapes and therefore of South Africa but as we know now also animals in Brazil, Frans Post contemporary of Frans Hall traveled in 1636 to Dutch Brazil at the invitation of Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen.
  Slingeraap.Frans Post.(1612-1680).
 Portrait of Frans Post by Frans Hals.
     Artist.Frans Post.Olinda Brazil.Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Famous of the paintings of Brazil landscapes which he created after his return to The Netherlands Frans Post was absolutely unknown in relevence to the nati…