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Cambridge: Round the river Cam...

The river Cam enters Cambridge from the south west of the city and heads north past many of the historical Colleges of the University of Cambridge along the open area well-known as the Backs. After Sint John's College which is the biggest in the historical area, it turns and runs east. The river Cam has 23 bridges and the oldest of Cambridge's current bridges was built in 1639-40) by Thomas Grumbold. It is the Clare College Bridge.
Photo's: Tzina Alimpoutaki-Joustra.

                          The oldest bridge of Cam river. The Clare College Bridge (1640).

                Mathematical Bridge connects Queen's College with the President's Lodge at Cambridge.

                                           The Mathematical Bridge of Queen's College (1902). The third version of the design.First built in 1749.

                               Bridge of Signs St.John's College(1831). The best known Ca…