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Berichten uit november 7, 2011 weergeven

"We will Rock you" in London celebrates its 9th anniversary

At Dominio Theatre in Londen's West End the ...Rocking is continuing with a celebration....  " We will Rock you"  which has been awarded with the BBC Radio 2 Audience Aword at the Oliver Awards in London, it's going also towards to its 10th anniversary in 2012. Taking the vote for the national most popular musical, Queen and Ben Elton's musical was opened at Dominio Theatre on May 2002.

The musical abbreviated as WWRY is based on the songs of Queen and took his name after their hit with the same title.
WWRY was written by the comedian and author Ben Elton in corporation with Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. With Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox, Sharon D Clarke and kenny Ellis in main rols the musical was panned by critics but won the popularity of its audience. He has been played around the world and became the longest- running musical at Dominio Theatre.

The original We Will Rock You has been followed by a number of internationak productions in Ireland, …